Wonder of…

Title Wonder of…

Year 2015

Description The setting is difficult to discern at first. In semi-darkness, people scurry through the picture, moving almost silently, hardly speaking. Their costumes give us a notion – which is then clarified by the announcement that the performance is about to begin and everyone should get in place: We are at the theatre. But our attention is not focused on the stage, we are looking backstage where actors and actresses are waiting for the moment of their appearance, they gather and then disappear from the camera’s field of view. That their appearance on stage is also the moment they leave the camera’s field of view makes it an exit. Jakob Engel turns the stage around, he makes what is behind to what is in front, thus raising the question where the theatre actually begins. The about-face also applies to the acoustic backdrop: It isn’t the spoken word that stands out, it is the background noise, like rustling or whispering, as if at the moment of most intense expectancy, the senses are particularly honed for what is otherwise incidental.

Dimension 16:9, Stereo

Medium Video 1920x1080

Portfolio des Hamburger Künstlers Jakob Engel | Portfolio of the Hamburg based artist Jakob Engel

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